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Ship Center is a module-based and user-friendly ISM system for efficient operation on board and on land. Here, all necessary documentation is collected in a common system, which can be expanded with new modules as needed. Ship Center contains modules for both document management, reporting, revisions, risk assessments, QHSE / HSEQ, archive / change logs, handover and fish welfare.

In addition, it has its own maintenance system and functions as internal e-signature.

There is full offline functionality on computer, online in browser, Notes client and on mobile devices.


For our software, we also provide customized training to our customer's personnel, as well as support for posterity. We are there as support partners both before, during and after the certification process.

Maintenance system included

Document management

Reporting system and risk assessments

QHSE / HSEQ and chemical inventory

Archive and change log

NEW! Handover module

NEW! Fish welfare module

User-friendly and educational

Full offline functionality for vessel and office

Online user access available

Replication between vessel and office