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MH Aqua is Maritime House's commitment to aquaculture. We want ownership interests in various companies and vessels in the aquaculture industry to ensure Maritime House's activity for the operation at sea and on land.


Malo Transport (previous T.Malo Transport) is a company that is Norway's oldest carrier of

living fish (eg cuttlefish such as lipfish and lumpfish).


Reflex Shipping is a proprietary company of the M/S Reflex wellboat with home port at

Smøla, which provides services to the aquaculture sector.


All vehicles and vessels is operated by Maritime House AS.  


Some facts about the wellboat Reflex:


Contact vessel by phone:

+47 45867359


Year of construction: 1989

Gross tonnage: 103 tonnes

Depth: 3.6 meters

Length: 21 meters

Width: 6 meters

Well: 145 m3.



Convenient for transport of:

- Smolt

- Stemfish

- Cuttlefish (lipfish and lumpfish)

- Cod

- Supply of fresh water



Some of the equipment on board:

- O2 facility

- Fish counter

- 8 ton faucet


We are in the process of projecting a multi-purpose vessel for aquaculture industry. Update will come ....